NEXRAD Base Reflectivity & Wind Maps: November 7, 2018 at 3pm ET to next day at 3pm (2 frames/hour)

High Resolution Half-Day Loops: (1) Sunset (8-hrs at 6 frames/hr); (2) Next Day Sunrise (8-hrs at 6 frames/hr).
Frame-by-frame view: click "stop" button, use arrows.   Save Frame/Image: Click "Stop" then right click the map.
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Wind Maps

Wind maps are shown as animated GIFs. Click to view in a second browser window.
Time Interval File Name/Link
12pm-5pm (approx)wunderground.wind-speed.2xus_ws_anim-0.gif
5pm-11pm (approx)wunderground.wind-speed.2xus_ws_anim-1.gif
12am-5am (approx) wunderground.wind-speed.2xus_ws_anim-2.gif
6am-11am (approx)wunderground.wind-speed.2xus_ws_anim-3.gif

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