Battelle Darby Cree Metro Park--Wetlands

Click links/labels below to view each location on an interactive map.

A = Darby Dan Loop; Underbirded!;
B = (unnamed; Darby Dan Wetlands?); Large and underbirded!;
C = Kuhlwein Rd. Wetlands; Well birded, eBird Hotspot;
D = ???; New wetland complex as of winter 2012-2013.
E = ???; underbirded wetlands and grassland
F = Wet Prairie Trails "Grain Elevator" aka "Big Darby" Wetlands; Well Birded, eBird Hotspot
        Teal Loop Trail is North of parking lot: wetlands, large pond, grassland.
        Harrier Loop Trail is South: wetlands, grassland;
G = PARKING for Grain Elevator Wet Prairie trails (E); Well Birded;
H = SE Pond, Grain Elevator Wet Prairie area; Infrequently Birded medium/large pond.
I = PARKING & Path to SE Pond (G), hedgerow = southern boundary of wetlands; Infrequently birded;